The Effects of a Broken Family on the Student's Academic Performance

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Relationships come with a certain kind of excitement that most teenagers cannot handle. At this point one does know what to expect from the relationship and how to deal with issue, they think that love is all one needs to be in a relationship. The being in love feeling swallows them and they lose focus as well as control of their lives. Many unexpected issues start coming up yet they don’t know how to handle them and they continue losing direction as they try, consequently they neglect their studies. The guidance and counseling sessions in schools help in guiding students on how to deal with relationship. If one does not have access to such try talking to a mature person you are close to. I believe with the proper guidance one cannot lose direction and neglect the most important things in life such as education. The presence of a boyfriend or girlfriend in a pupil's life can have a positive effect on that individual, providing the relationship is stable. The individuals in a relationship, even one based around a high school, can become very close, which in turn allows each partner to support the other during the experiences high school life presents to them. For instance, the pair might find studying together for exams beneficial.

College life can be stressful, although it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences in one's life. It represents a critical developmental period for both late adolescents and young adults. Social factors such as romantic relationships, organizations and clubs, and sports activities have been found to have effects on students' academic performance. These social factors affect academic performance in terms of time demanded and the psychological state they may cause. A student may be influenced to be involved in any of the stated variables. The question is how one strikes a balance between the stressful academic attainment and social activities. The daily routine of university life brings new sleeping and eating habits, increased workload, and new responsibilities. University students are prone to stress due to the transitional nature of university life. They must adjust to being away from home, perhaps for the first time, and maintain a balance between high level of academic success and a new social environment. These daily stressors do not cause anxiety by themselves. Stress results from interactions between stressor and the individual's perception and reaction to them. The amount of stress experienced may be influenced by the individual's ability to effectively cope with stressful events or situations. A romantic relationship may ease environmental stress. Quatman, (2001) study dating status, academic performance, and motivation in high schools in the US state of California, showing that students who dated more frequently had a lower academic performance. The study supported a significant relationship between dating status and academic achievement, which can cause serious problems among university students (Prisbell, 1986). While having an intimate relationship may have benefits for emotional health, that being overly involved in dating is associated with a more negative effect on the psychosocial function and health of students (Baumeister, 1995).

Some says that persons who are in a relationship are on a state of bliss, where he or she can be do everything on a positive way while, others says that you forget living in the reality and let yourselves live in another in dimension with the person we love. Students often experience this kind of feelings especially when they think they meet the right person, some became livelier and optimistic while others isolate themselves from their friends and revolves their world with each other. Some students tend to excel on their academic performance, while others start to fail and ignore studies to spend more time with the person they love. The purpose of this research is to prove our hypothesis that there is no relationship in...
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