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The Effects of Tobbaco Use

By shana30 Dec 01, 2012 629 Words
The Effects of Tobacco Use
Many people are addicted to the use of tobacco and do not realize the effect that it has on their body. Tobacco contains many harmful chemicals that can damage your heart, lungs, and nervous system. Tobacco companies deliberately put these chemicals in cigarette’s to get us addicted to their products; never less this has been an ongoing controversy for many years. Therefore smoking cigarettes is very addictive and a habit that is very hard to brake. Smoking can cause lung disease, cancer, emphysema, and death. Smoking cigarettes can even cause our skin to look prematurely old and cause wrinkles. People do not realize what harm they are doing to their bodies by inhaling tobacco, therefore should visit with a health professional regarding their options. One very harmful chemical that is in tobacco is carbon monoxide. First carbon monoxide when mixed with other harmful chemicals like tar and inhaled thru the lungs is very dangerous; and as a result can have adverse reaction. Consequently researchers have even found in recent years that due to inhaling carbon monoxide thru cigarettes into the lungs can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, as result can lead to stroke or death. Second, harmful effects of carbon monoxide poisoning thru smoking cigarettes is also irreversible. Therefore the damage is permanent and the body will not naturally heal itself. Most Physicians will agree that carbon monoxide poisoning does damage to the entire body and will encourage patients to quit. There are many program’s available today for our youth and for people that are addicted to tobacco. Our schools have program’s informing our kids about the harmful effects of tobacco use. There are many products on the market to help people get over the addiction and to help quit smoking; such as gum, nicotine patches, and another alternative is Chantix, a prescription available thru the Doctor. There are prescription medications available today that will work with the receptors in your brain to reject the urge to smoke or the desire for nicotine. Another option is counseling and, sometimes talking to a professional can help with addiction. Many people will not quit until they have made up their mind to; or witness someone that they love suffer from a disease such as lung cancer. A person can even visit with their Doctor about trying to quit. Lung cancer and lung disease are the top two illnesses that are the direct effect from smoking cigarettes. Lung cancer is not curable and the mortality rate is higher than those that survive that are diagnosed. It is estimated that more people die from smoking a cigarette than drug and alcohol use combined. Lung disease is a terrible illness to have to endure; some people even have to have their lungs drained to release the fluid that is built up enabling them to breath. More and more people today have to live with the use of oxygen, a device that pumps air into the lungs and helps the lung to function normally. Tobacco use is very harmful; we not only put our own bodies in danger but others around us. Second hand smoke is dangerous and can affect those that do not even smoke at all. If an individual is going to smoke they need to be informed of all of the harmful effects that it can cause to their body, the environment, and those around them. Therefore the public needs to be educated about tobacco and society needs to be aware of all the harmful effects as well. Making the decision to quit is the first step in the process to better health, second visiting with your Doctor or healthcare provider will set the path to being happier and living a much more productive and healthier life.

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