The Effects of Terrorism on the Israeli Society

Topics: Israel, West Bank, Palestinian National Authority Pages: 6 (1916 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Will Parra March 10, 2007
Period 8 Mr. Konis
The Effects Of Terrorism
On The Israeli Society

Since it’s beginning, the country of Israel has been synonymous with terrorism. In Israel, terrorism occurs daily for many different reasons. This constant violence has been going on for years and years. The roots of this problem go back many years to the 1940's to when the Jews took over the Holy Land and it became know as the Jewish state of Israel (Cohen 1). From that moment on terrorism was inevitable. The non-stop violence in this country is taking a severe toll on the people of the society. They are suffering from many mental and physical hardships due to this terror. Terrorism is not only a problem in Israel, but in most countries around the world. It was even brought to us her in the United States on the terrible day of September 11th. Although terrorism is a global problem, it is most serious in the country of Israel. The constant terror in this country has and continues to deteriorate the society of Israel.

The problem began in May of 1948, when Israel was first established (Cohen 1). Israel declared that Jews were guaranteed “freedom of religion and conscience, of language, education, and culture” (Cohen 1). Israel was built without specific boundaries and wanted peace with neighboring Arab countries (Cohen 1). Soon later war broke out between Israel and neighboring countries. Israel successfully defended against them, but signed truce agreements that established borders (Cohen 1). The treaty signed by the countries left Israel in control of land previously owned by Palestinians. Arabs in Jerusalem, which was now controlled by Israel fled to safer areas on the Gaza Strip and near the west bank (Cohen 2). Only about 160,000 Palestinians remained in the land now controlled by Israel. Peace negotiations were supposed to follow but never did and the Arabs refused to negotiate with Israel (Cohen 2). Hostilities soon came to an end and in 1949, Israel became the 59th member of the United Nations (Cohen 2). In the early 1950's the Jewish population in Israel doubled due to immigration because of the Holocaust (Cohen 2). During the 50's the lack of peace settlements between Israel and neighboring countries caused tensions to rise. This is when the terrorism really began to become a problem. Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip began to attack nearby Israeli communities (Cohen 3). More attacks soon followed over use of the Jordan River and control of land near the border (Cohen 3). In 1956, Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and advanced towards the Suez Canal. Britain and France bombed Egyptian bases in order to stop the fighting between Israel and Egypt and the UN soon removed Israel from Egyptian Land (Cohen 3). Although the Suez Canal was re-opened for use by everyone, there still were no peace treaties and violence over the border continued. Throughout the next few decades terrorism and war did not stop. In the 1980's, Palestinians began the Intifada which was a campaign against the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank (Cohen 5). Throughout the 1980's the Intifada was the main source of terrorism in Israel (Cohen 5). The Intifada was a terrorism uprising against the peace process. As a result of the Intifada, the pressure for peace grew. The United States and Russia pressed Arabs and Israeli’s to pursue peace (Cohen 5). In the early 1990's great progress was made with the signing of many peace treaties which transferred most of the power to Palestine. They now had control over mostly all of the Gaza Strip and West Bank (Cohen 6). Despite all the progress that was made, terrorism continued. Palestine was still attacking Israel and in turn, Israeli extremists responded (Cohen 6). In 1995, an Israeli student who was against the peace process assassinated Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. The peace process came to an immediate halt and the amounts of terrorism...
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