The Effects of Technology on Youth

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The Effects of Technology on Youth
Video games on any console, whether it is PS3, XBOX, or on a PC, are very popular in today's world. The genre that is obviously the most popular in games is about war. Now many people (especially moms) badger, and constantly criticize these games, saying that they are ruining their kids’ lives and may even be leading them to become killers. Which is the most common reason of hatred; if you know what to look for, games can be a powerful tool to teach kids certain life skills. We hear about the negative effects games have on children but what about the positive effects?

Games that consist of violence or just shooting ones are constantly talked bad about because of how it's affecting our children and leading them to become ruthless. In the article "Researchers explore positive social and cognitive effects of video games" by Agence France-Presse, he found out that the Boston Children’s Hospital researchers reported that a game can help children with anger problems control their emotions. If their heart races to a certain level or if they become frustrated, they can't shoot the target, so thus teaching them to be calm. France-Presse states, “Boston Children’s Hospital researchers reported that a game can help children with anger problems regulate their emotions. The game involves shooting at enemy spaceships while avoiding shooting at friendly ones.” Not every game that involves shooting targets consists of committing violent actions. Playing these games for a short amount of time helps improve their ability to search for a hidden target.

With most games, the skills needed to win involve high-level thinking. These are skills not taught in the classroom or by a child's parents. “Video games change your brain,” according to University of Wisconsin psychologist C. Shawn Green. When a child plays a game it gives their brain a real workout. So when kids play games such as Angry Birds or Cut The Rope, they train their brain to come...
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