The Effects of Sunlight to Mung Beans

Topics: Germination, Seed, Plant morphology Pages: 4 (783 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Submitted by: Jeremiah C. Borlongan Submitted to: Mr. Raffy Nicolas E. Go Date Submitted: January 13, 2012 Ishmael E. Turrecha


What is the role of sunlight on the germination of Vigna radiata (Mung bean) seed?

The role of sunlight on the germination of Vigna radiata seed.

The germination of the seed is a physiological event. The light is one of the most important environmental factors for germination of seeds. The seeds of many species do not germinate in the dark. Vigna radiata seed or Mung bean seed as it commonly called will be used for the study since it can be prepared anywhere with minimum of equipment and preparation. The seed germinates rapidly also.

This study would be of great help for students like us who are into farming specifically those who are into planting crops so that we would know the importance of sunlight in the germination of seeds. The study could also be a good choice for teaching children about seed germination.


3 cups lightweight potting soil
A sharp nail
Small hammer or anything hard that can be used for pounding the nail •A light source
Cabinet or locker
2 tin cans (from milk or canned goods) to be used as pots •6 pieces Vigna radiata seed of the same type (green with white line in the middle) •Rubber band
2 pieces clear plastic bags
Camera or cell phone with camera for documentation
All the above materials are readily available at our homes except for the Vigna radiata seeds which the proponents will be asking from the school.


1.Get 6 pieces of Vigna radiate seeds all of the same type. 2.Poke a sharp nail to the bottom of the 2 tin cans which will serve as plant pots and make two to three small holes. 3.Fill the pot with the soil up to ¾...
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