The Effects of Study Habits on Academic Performance....

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La Salle University
Ozamiz City, 7200


A research proposal
Presented to:
Mr. Raymundo Dolor, CPA, MBA, LLB

In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements for the Subject ACTW


Emphasis, Hazel G.

Zamoras, Jaykie Luzette

This study identifies whether study habits bring positive or negative effects to the academic performance of students. This study gives sufficient information on which study habits bring high General Percentage Average of students.

. Introduction
The extent of student’s learning in academics may be determined by the grades a student earns for a period of learning. It is believed that a grade is a primary indicator of such learning. If a learner earns high grades it is concluded that they may also have learned a lot while low grades indicate lesser learning. However, many experiences and studies found out that there are also several factors that would account for the grades. No single factor can be definitely pointed out predicting grades. It has been interplay of so many factors – gender, IQ, study habits, age, year level, parent’s educational attainment, social status, number of siblings, birth order, etc. In fact, almost all of existing environmental and personal factors are variables of academic performance. However, at this point in time, the researchers would like to investigate the possible relationship of study habits and the factors affecting it to the academic achievement of undergraduate Accountancy students of La Salle University. The investigation on this area thus becomes a real and compelling motivation for the researchers to conduct this study.

. Conceptual Framework


Figure 1 Show the conceptual framework of the study.

. Operational Framework

Figure 2 & 3 Operational Framework

. Review of Related Literature

According to Palm Beach Community College (PBBC, 2008), they recommend that student’s study should have at least three hours out of class for every hour spent in class. They also said that a student must have a special place to study with plenty of room to work. And students should not be cramped. They presuppose that study time will go better if a learner take a few minutes at the start to straighten things up. A desk and straight-backed chair is usually best. “Don’t get too comfortable--a bed is a place to sleep, not to study” as what they said. A student must have everything close at hand (book, pencils, paper, coffee, dictionary, computer, calculator, tape recorder, etc.) before starting to study. Students are not suggested to spend on time jumping up and down to get things. The PBCC suggests also that distracting noise should be minimized however they said that there are some people need sound and some like silence. In this case, a learner must find what works for him or her. Culprits are family and friends. Consider a "do not disturb" sign and turning on your answering machine is the way also to have better study habits according to the PBBC.

Frank Pogue (2000) did a research project to determine why students fail. What he founds to be true in that study habits survey was that more than 30 years ago still rings true today--students fail because they do not know how to study .The best advice he can give is to develop sound study skills. He said that a student should make sure that he/she has a good study environment, a good desk, a sturdy chair, good light, comfortable room temperature and a quiet atmosphere. That means he/she should eliminate all external and internal distractions. Second, get a good overview of the assignment before starting the work. Know what skills,...

References: 1. “The Prediction of Academic Achievement by The British Study Habits Iinventory”, Mark E. Thompson,2005: February 16, 2009(
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