The Effects of Social Networking on Human Interaction

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The Effects of Social Networking on Human Interaction
What is social networking? According to, social networking is defined as “the use of websites or other online technologies to communicate with people and share information, resources, etc.” Social networking has become a must for many aspects of life. Human interaction often involves the discussion of something that appeared on a social networking website or the exchange of usernames for one to be found on a website. Many schools are incorporating the use of sites such as Facebook to keep students updated on events and homework, just in case the instructor had forgotten to mention something during class that day. A group of friends can make plans together over a group conversation since the number of callers in a multi-way call is limited. Clubs or organizations who need to spread the word of an upcoming event merely have to make a website or post a notice online and have people share it. There is less of a need for paid printed advertisements. Institutions and companies now give the option of applying online. But what has social networking done to the way people interact with each other?
The way social networking changes how one interacts with others is no different from the way actual interactions change a person’s ability to socialize. Some, through social networking, have been able to create deeper and stronger relationships with other people, whether that relationship previously existed in some form or did not exist at all. People are able to see things they never would have been able to experience in person. Connections between two people would be lost if one of two were to move far away.
Everybody, from children to the senior citizens, is partaking in social networking in some way. While the expansion of such a phenomenon is much appreciated, it has also spawned some worthy controversy. For instance, in England, there was an issue in the House of Lords on whether or not to impose

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