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The effects of Social Media on student's writing skills (Chapter 1 Only)

By BYEcharm Feb 23, 2015 553 Words
A. Introduction

While it may seem to some that social media is helping students, it is actually true that social media is causing writing to worsen. Student’s writing has been affected by social media and is causing teenagers to become lazier. With this epidemic, the way students are writing is taking a turn for the worst.  With the introduction of social media into our lives, one wonders what the social media effects on student writing will be. Parents, teachers and students are learning a new kind of communication through it. Communication through social media can contain misspellings, poor grammar and abbreviations and still be considered acceptable. With it we can communicate quickly, but not efficiently, because some of it have character limits, which mean we are forced to make our statement brief. One cannot disregard that social media is going to affect lives. For a teenager that means that they’re constantly on it. Students have to switch from text lingo to writing a paper for an English class. Students have to be able to switch from text lingo to proper English, but they are not able to flip the switch. Students are not able to go from informal writing to formal writing, causing writing to worsen. This also brings up the issue of social media encouraging people to spell things wrong, because some people just don’t even care about the way they’re spelling things. The use of acronyms are now commonplace substitutes to whole sentences; LOL (laugh out loud), OMG (Oh my God), TTYL (talk to you later) are just a few that demonstrate how social media speeds things up by lessening the need to write longer phrases and reduces space. Emoticons and used to convey what the user is feeling or to express the intended tone without actually having to write it. These make us lazier in writing. Social media has increased the need for fast information, writing too fast increases errors and gives less time to think. Students are quick to post without revising or thinking about what they wrote. And with this, it leads to having grammar and spelling errors, which are the most common errors that it brings. Grammar and spelling are most important in school, but mistakes are acceptable on it. However true all these ideas may be; social media does have a positive effect on student’s writing. Students are more exposed to different opinions and wider audiences which can help improve their writing. This also allows students to express their thoughts never before. They can share their writing on social media, blogs and websites. This can encourage them since they know their efforts may be public. It can also give them more ideas for writing. Social media is present in everyday lives. It’s causing students to be more careless with their writing, and when will its switch turn off? Since posts on social media are acceptable among students’ peers regardless of attention to detail, social media effects on student writing can be more negative.

This study aims on researching the effects of Social Media on students’ communication skills. Specifically, this study aims on answering the following questions: 1. How does Social Media affect students’ writing skills?

2. What are the effects of Social media on students’ writing skills? 1. Spelling

2. Grammar

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