The Effects of Religion and Secular Leaders

Topics: Roman Empire, Christianity, Roman Emperor Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Brandon Hughes
Secular Leaders Writing prompt
Dr. Hannon

There have been many leaders over the course of history that have influenced culture, political standpoints, art and many other aspects. The leader of a nation, country, or empire is a direct reflection of the future success or failure their society may endure while in power. Being able to gain the support of the people is a critical factor in how well a leader flourishes during their reign. Some leaders used brute force and fear to rule, while others used reason and catering to the needs of the people. Religion held strong meaning to most societies and leaders would often incorporate religion in with their rule as well. Some leaders even claimed to be direct descendants from the Gods themselves and often convince the people the same. Religion and politics played a key role in how some leaders would justify their rule, and influence their people.

A Frankish king named Clovis is an impeccable example of how some leaders incorporated religion into politics to influence their rule. He was one of the earliest German society kings to convert to the Christianity religion. At this time in 500 when he became king, Christianity was already the official religion of the Roman Empire. There was a rivalry between the Germanic societies and the Romans, so naturally converting to Christianity had gained the support of the Roman church. Most Germans at this time were not orthodox Catholic Christians, and the conversion of Clovis helped create a way to allow the Frankish people to follow in his footsteps. With the conversion of Clovis and now with the support of the Frankish people and the Roman church for his newfound religion, he now had reason to expand his kingdom under the belief it was for Christianity. This allowed him to engage war and conquer the Alemanni and the Visigoths. By the year 510 he had expanded his kingdom and thus created a strong Frankish Kingdom stretching from Pyrenees to some of...
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