the effects of poverty on children

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The Long-Term and Short-Term Effects of
Poverty on Children
Poverty is everywhere, and can effect anyone. All people have either seen, or know someone that is poor. Some people believe that if they move to another state, or another part of the city that poverty can be escaped. Impoverished people are not only those who live on the streets. Most poor people have a place to stay, and they live in places like the projects, and the bad areas of the city. Some poor people have jobs , and even shop at the same malls that more fortunate people do. Ask yourself this question, do you think most children live in poverty because the parents try to live beyond their means? I think the answer is definitely yes. children are the ones who suffer because of their parent's mistakes. Poverty can effect people of any race, and any age, but effects the children the most. There are many long -term and short-term effects poverty has on children, most are negative, yet some are positive. Depression and aggression can be some of the emotional results of poverty on children. The living conditions, and the frustration of not knowing where their next meal will come from is reasons for depression. Children can become aggressive because of the tough neighborhoods, and the need to constantly defend themselves. The lack of money in the household plays a huge part in aggression. Children grow tired of being less fortunate, and they want what others have. These little people will eventually grow into teens who are willing to do anything to have the things they want. Instead of earning the things they want, these teens are willing to steal, kill, and destroy to get other peoples thing that they earned. To a lot of people teens doing things of that nature are unheard of in their small world. To the poor children of the world stealing, and killing is necessary to live. Depression and aggression is a big part of poverty on children, but money plays the biggest role.

I believe that money is the...
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