The Effects of Physical and Verbal Abuse on Children

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 5 (1654 words) Published: December 15, 2010
One of the rising issues among children in our society today is the verbal and physical abuse they are receiving from their parents and guardians. This is creating unhealthy families and dysfunctional environments where children are the victims of these abusive homes. Another cause of concern is the psychological and emotional detachment abusive children have to endure. These affects occur when they have a history of being neglected or physically abused. A UNICEF on child wellbeing reported that the United States and the United Kingdom are ranked lowest among industrial nations with respect to child well being. They also found that it’s more common for child abuse to occur in single-parent families than in families where both parents are present. This will only lead to more patterns of abuse in other relationships down the road. We are looking at children who will be scarred for the rest of their lives. As they are being raised in this environment, it will ultimately affect their future in society, their psychological behavior’s, and the emotional behavior.

Many abusive homes do not realize the affects it has on their children’s future with society. A numerous amount of these children carry baggage’s of pain and scars on their body. They leave home with being neglected and unloved during their upbringing. The common trail they take is an escape from that reality. In other words, abusive kids try to find something that will fill out their empty space. Usually turning to alcohol, drugs, parties, sex, and other things that puts them out of touch with their current reality. What this all leads to are serious illegal consequences. According to dreamcatchers, eighty percent of juvenile and adult prisoners were raised in violent homes. That is a staggering statistic when seeing the overpopulation of criminals in prison. Another future consequence is the deprivation abused children will encounter in future relationships. They will be deprived of the necessary skills of a healthy relationship due to the distortion of their abusers. This can lead to repeated abusive patterns that was manifested in their upbringing. In other words, the behaviors they learned growing up will create abusive mentalities toward their future families, coworkers, and peers. Which repeats the same cycles that they experienced during their childhood. According to Pears and Capaldi, “they suggested that parents with poor discipline skills experience a great deal of stress and frustration in dealing with their children. When this stress is coupled with a history of physical abuse, the outcome is more likely to result in the transmission of abuse from one generation to the next” (Pears & Capaldi). The statement proves that future abusive children will experience tough times staying disciplined with their future children. It’s very likely that they are going to pass on the same patterns of abuse on to the next generation of children. In order to overcome these future results, a close relative or a friend must report these problems must either to the police or a shelter home. It will at least begin a process of saving a child who needs to escape a dysfunctional reality. Not only that, they can receive medical attention and treatment on any physical wounds from their attackers. This leads to evidence that the child has been physically abused and give the police an opportunity to impose future jail time on their abuser. Another good example would be to come up with a variety of fundraisers for the community to participate in. The money would go to building more group homes church events in the poverty communities, and an increase shelter homes.

In the meantime, psychological behaviors play a big part in childhood upbringing. Children tend to develop fears against doing anything outside attackers control over their decisions. This occurs because they are afraid of being beaten or possibly killed. The child will...
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