The effects of not keeping a personal budget

Topics: Willow, Coming out, LGBT Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: November 14, 2013
John bates
Descriptive Essay
English 103 PR
Jean Reeves
Oct, 1 2013

White Clay Dam

When I want to get away and relax I like to visit the white clay dam. For some reason the water always calms me down. It may sometimes look ugly but it is beautiful to me. I not only like it for the water but also the rolling hills and the whispering willows. I enjoy water so much I actually might be part mermaid. Although, I have never swam in the dam. The shimmering water looks nice from a distance, but up close it looks like chocolate milk being that it is so murky. That doesn’t mean that the water can’t be enjoyed and is fun to be in, as long as you’re in a boat. The water also has a lot of fish species like bass, walleye, and pike to name a few. Therefore, making it an excellent fishing hole. I especially enjoy fishing when the water is frozen, that’s is when all the dam monsters roam. Another spectacular feature about the dam is all the rolling hills that surround it. Half of them are clay mounds, adding some good off road trails to its attributes. You could get lost in the hills for hours if you wanted to, all you need is a truck or dirt bike. The hills almost look like they came out of a Dr. Sues book without all the color. Most of

the beauty come during dusk or dawn when the sun paints an extraordinary sunset full of colors and texture as it lies or rises behind the hills. Last but not least, all the whispering willow trees that complete the dam’s geographical layout. The dam would not be complete without them as a paper would not be complete without a conclusion. It makes the dam whole and wouldn’t be right without them. They’re not the tallest trees in the world but are abnormally big for the trees around the surrounding areas. The trees provide an excellent shade, and a wind break. So if you are out on a South Dakota summer and find yourself getting heat stroke, underneath the willow trees would be a perfect spot to cool off in. They could also provide...
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