The Effects of Noisy Environments on the Memorization of Word Lists

Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: November 12, 2008
The Effects of Noisy Environments on the
Memorization of Word Lists

Noise, in relation to sound, may be defined as the sound made by rule less shaking of objects in physics, or it could also be defined as any unwanted sound which annoys people in environmentalism. For example, the sound of dogs barking, neighbours playing loud music which interrupts people’s regular rest, study, or work may be labeled as noise. In today’s society, noise is everywhere. Traffic noise, industrial noise and occupational noise are always around us.

Noise usually has a negative effect on people. Dr. Lorraine and Dr. Gary (1999) highlighted that different effects of noise had been documented, including “physiological effects”, such as increased blood pressure, “motivational effects”, such as decreased academic performance and “cognitive effects”, which include effects on memorization. A team from Barts and the London NHS Trust concluded that students exposed to aircraft noise might suffer an impairment of reading comprehension, after they had looked at data on more than 2800 children living near the airports (BBC News, 2005).

The purpose of this research was to investigate the different influence of different volumes of noise. To be specific, it would mainly look at whether there were different affects on people’s memorization by high (80dB) and low (60dB) levels of noise. Our hypothesis was that the lower noise volume was, the better memorization people had.

Data was collected from 12 participants (including 9 male and 4 female), who were forced selected from students of Group IA2, XJTLU. They were informed about the possibility of staying in a noisy environment, and their right to quit during the experiment. They also gave their consent to the clause that the results of this experiment might be use by academics or students for research purpose and might be used in writing up experiment reports.

Four groups of...

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