The Effects of My Parents’ Values on Me

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The Effects of My Parents’ Values on Me

Every person has his/her own value toward everything. But if you are already a parent, do be careful! The effects of parents’ values on their children have already played pretty important role in their kids’ lives since ancient time till now. They’re the closest people to you and you’ve been together for a long time, so your behaviors and attitudes toward life do affect by parents’ values a lot. My parents have three main values on me; punctuality, safety and health.

Punctuality is the first one of the three main values of my parents, and it affects me in two different ways: attending on every circumstance and finishing homework on time or even much earlier. They’ve always asked me to go to school on time since I was just a kindergarten student. And every time we have date with friends or relatives, they often arrive at least twenty minutes earlier that we have to wait for others for a while before it starts. So when I’m getting older, I’m already used to being a punctual person. I always attend classes or dates on time, and sometimes even half an hour earlier. Moreover, I would prefer to finish my homework as soon as possible after classes, and often hand in the assignment many days before the due date! My parents emphasize the importance of being on time a lot and say that it is kind of the promise we must keep.

Safety is the second one of the three main values of my parents. They want their children to live in safe and peaceful surroundings, so they always ask me to follow their plans to my life, listen to their suggestions and have a non-risk future. This kind of “safety” makes me hate to take risk on anything uncertain, and prefer to rely on somebody else when I confront difficulties. For examples, I always make plans for everything I do. I need to control every kind of situations so that I won’t face uncertain factors. But once I face those uncertain “surprises,” I would subliminally try to...
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