the effects of internet crime

Topics: Causality, Fraud, Bank Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Name: G.Nghi
Class code: S51403C
Date: 21/5/2014
As technology develops, Internet crime is becoming more common (Rewrite). The advent of computers has brought significant changes. In recent years, with the development of technology, people use an Internet more than in the past. Many people think computers lead to Internet crime. The increase in internet crime has bought many disadvantages. This essay describes the main causes and effects of internet crime. There are two major causes of internet crime. One is the technology has developed rapidly. Most banks and companies can be done online, so they save important information of customers on computers and transfer money through computers, which creates more opportunities for internet crime. Another point is that people fall for scam. For example, people receive an email that it looks like trustworthy message from a bank and it will ask them to click a link to provide information. They think it is true so they click the link and log into what looks like their bank’s website. As a result, criminals who take their bank password can use it to take money. Internet crime has a variety of effects. Frist of all, internet crime can result in emotional and psychological problems. To illustrate, criminals who can open bank accounts use accounts to buy everything and create a huge amount of debt. Moreover, they also use stolen information to make fake passports and driver’s licenses. In addition, internet crime can affect many companies and banks. Criminals can steal money and information from many companies through Internet. According to BBC news, Sony was attacked by hackers in 2011. It caused Sony’s website to stop working for a long time and to lose a huge amount of customer information. This attack cost about $170 billion. In conclusion, internet crime is becoming more common. The rise in internet crime is caused by the developing technology and people falling for scam. As a consequence, internet crime can lead to...
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