The Effects of Having a Broken Family to the Study Habits and Social Life of a Teenager

Topics: Family, Affect, Dysfunctional family Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: August 27, 2013

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Nacman, Lexi
Okada, Taiki
Padlan, Lyresa
Penafiel, Eda
Rancap, Patricia

August 2013

Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background
A large number of children are born each day, most will be successful, will be living a long life full of joy and endeavor. Since it is an undeniable fact the world will permanently contiue to change, the people will experience poverty - in which they would also try to get through. This, mostly, is the result coming from the lack of bond in the smallest unit of the community: FAMILY.

Perhaps it is a decided fate that it would not be perfect for all. We would not simply answer the question – ‘Can you tell me someone you know that has lived with a perfect family? No problems, always happy, always feeling the love?’ No. It is impossible to respond to this question.

Such problems, if not faced meagerly, would most likely affect the attachment of the family altogether. Now, those who are affected the most are the children. They might grow up being a rebellion, they might get emotionally unstable, or they might want to get to maturity as fast as they could so that they could make it right for their own lives.

But, most would fail. Most would have the same problems their parents had; due to the lack of guidance and the parental company. And as the cycle continues, the erratic tower of uneducated and unemployed people atops itself. BACKGROUND AND OBSERVATION

As the immense dynamicity of the world has been overcoming the human perceptions, a dreadful amount of behavioural disorders are uprising due to the continuous change in the economic views of the society. This pushed the researchers to decipher and imply to several problems a broken family could ado to a teenager....
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