The Effects of Globalization in Social Media

Topics: Social media, Mass media, Twitter Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Tyler Vicks
Professor Josef Horacek
English 1001
November 18, 2012

Globalization by definition is the mixing of cultures, companies and nations. It is driven by international trade, investments, and most important to this generation, informational technology such as: computers, smart phones, the internet, and social media. Usually the word appears when referring to interactions between people of different cultures and nationalities. However with the increase of the use of social media, the need of interpersonal connections becomes less important. Social media has assisted big businesses with customer relations, giving individuals a sense of closeness with companies that they buy from. Social media has also helped the average person to form relationships of sorts with people across the world. Consequently, the need for face to face communication has diminished rapidly.

Great examples of the effects social media has on globalization are television news networks and websites like Facebook and Twitter. Because of the unity of the world’s capitalist economies share with one another, the news networks keep us up-to-date on universal problems. This means that if something were to occur in Saudi Arabia, those in Russia, America, Japan, and so on are going to know about it. The news networks used to be the go-to media outlets for globalization, but in recent times new top dogs have come on to the scene: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter have become the poster children for social media, not only for advertising and social advantages but also for global news. However, there is one major difference between television and the internet. With television, people have no choice but to believe what is being said. No one will argue with the producers and anchors of CNN or their local news channels. But with the internet, there are so many different opinions and views that you have no choice but to sift through the information and formulate your own. Twenty...

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