The Effects of Facebook to Study Habits

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Twitter Pages: 6 (1744 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Pasig Catholic College
High School Department
S.Y. 2011 - 2012


A Thesis Presented To:
Mrs. Ma. Teresa C. Radovan

In Partial Fulfillment
Of The Requirements
In English IV

Submitted by:
Juan Paulo Concepcion
Renz Daniel Tenedero
Jeffrey Sanchez
John Lemuel Lastimado
Jeoffrey Asuncion

March 2011

As many as you know, social networks have been famous since 2001 with Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply. It is no surprise how people remember your birthday. Now teenagers are using social networking sites more frequently than the years 2001 - 2005; most likely due to the rise of broadband internet. In these social networking sites, people add other people as their friends regardless whether they know them or not. Also, when it comes to the male users, 80% of men adds women more than women adds men. Social networking sites are different than each other because they all try different ways to attract potential users. Facebook has “Relatioship status”, Twitter and Tumblr has a “follow” button and Friendster renovated. You can see the differences when you try each one yourself. Social networking sites according to the study in the internet, are addicting because you can stalk someone and see the photos of your friends from different locations, add a lot of friends as a competition against your friends, play games with your friends on some social networking sites and the excitement of putting a “status” is indeed exciting. As many of the 4th year high school students use these social networking sites as a way to increase their friendship with others, some have become addicted to it. Although social networking sites are not just the ones to blame if a student gets low grades. Other factors include day dreaming, video games, peer pressure, and others. Social network addiction can also cause students to over sleep or go to school with lack of sleep and thus miss the chance to listen to the teacher. Not to be mentioned, 4th year high school is extremely important to our colleges and graduation. There are also factors in which physically speaking with people becomes less and less because you already talked on the internet.

This study poses the effects of social networking to the study habits of 4th year high school students.

To answer the problem, this study poses the following specific inquiries: 1. What social networking sites are highly used by the 4th year students? 2. How much time a 4th year student spends using social networking sites? 3. What are the possible effects of too much social networking to study habits?


To the students
This is to know if social networking helps them to study more. Furthermore, so the 4th year students will know the advantages and disadvantages of social networking affecting to their study habits and daily work.

To the teachers
So the teachers will know if they will encourage or discourage their students to visit social networking sites. Also, for them to know the effects of too much social networking to the study habits of students.

To the school
So the school will know if students will benefit if they allow them to visit social networking sites. Also, for secondary education will allow or will not allow social network visiting in the campus.

This research looked into the effects of social networking to the study habits of 4th year high school students for them to have an understanding of the positive and negative effects of social networking. The research would also looked the time spent and interests of the 4th year high school students in the social networking and the academic performance of students. The respondents of...
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