The Effects of Early Marriage Among Young Adults

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Family Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: April 7, 2011

Young adults may endure misery as a result of early marriage. Until more is known about their situation there can be no reliable estimates of the scale of their predicament, or of the social damage that is carried forward in the upbringing they give to their own children. One thing is clear is the impact of early marriage on girls and to a lesser extent on boys. Early marriage may bring negatives effect such as, psychosocial disadvantages, hardship on financial, lack of emotional maturity, barrier of education and violence and abandonment.

Early marriage can lead to psychosocial disadvantage. This can be defined as psychological development in and interaction with a social environment. After getting married young adult may lost their freedom and feeling isolated. If they’re feeling unhappy they will have no one to talk about it and this will lead them to an unhappy marriage. Having a baby in such young age can also lead to this effect as the young adult are busier to take care of the baby and the family household. They will have no time to interact with others. Some young adults married because they wanted to but some of them married because they are pregnant before getting married. This kind of marriage may lead them to isolate themselves from others. Psychosocial disadvantages are usually goes more to the female.

Other than that, young adult who are married early may experienced hardship on they financial. This is because their financial status has not stable yet and they have decided to get married. After getting married they have to work to earn money for the sake of their family. For those who are well educated they may get job easily, but for those who are not they will be having a hard time looking for a job and even if they have one it probably cannot afford to take care all the home financial needed because they already have family to take care of. Getting married before having a stable...
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