the effects of drugs on a mans reproductive system

Topics: Reproduction, Sperm, Fertility Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: February 14, 2014
When a man does any sort or drugs including smoking cigarettes and drinking any kind of alcohol, it can affect his sperm in his reproductive system. Many think it’s only the women who are pregnant with the child can affect the child’s health but while researching this topic I have found that to be false. “When certain drugs enter the testicles through the bloodstream, a man’s sperm count is lowered and the sperm’s motility or ability to swim is diminished. Damaged sperm can cause a pregnancy to end in miscarriage. Drugs can interfere with reproduction by changing the process by which sperm are selected for fertilizing the egg. The drugs in a man’s system can lead to lower birth weight, birth defects or serious illnesses for the child after birth. The use of cocaine by men may be linked to some mental problems in children. There is evidence that cocaine binds to the sperm and can be carried to the egg during fertilization”. (Men Too) “Heavy alcohol use by the male before conception can be linked to infertility, altering of the reproductive chemistry, low birth weight, and subtle, long-term, permanent damage in the child.” (Men too) “When a male smoke before birth it may result in lower birth weight and an increased the risk of life threatening diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, and brain cancer. There is also an increased risk of fathering a child with a cleft lip, cleft palate, water-on-the-brain, or heart defects.” (Men Too) So in conclusion, a man does affect his future child’s health. Many don’t know this but I feel if they did they would treat their body better so they don’t risk their future offspring. Word count 286

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References: (2013).Men Have Babies, Too. Retrieved January 11, 2014, from
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