The Effects of Divorce on Parent-Child Relationships in Future

Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 4, 2014

One instructive means of thinking about divorce is to consider divorce not as a single event that influences people's lives, but rather as a process. Over a period of time, one or both of the marital partners becomes convinced that the relationship is intolerable, or at least is not working. The divorcing couple, as well as the entire family, experiences a variety of abrupt changes which impact nearly every aspect of their lives. Divorce is most often seeing as an extremely painful series of events. This conceptualization of divorce suggests that the manner in which divorce ultimately affects children involves a confluence of factors and processes that occur early in the divorce, as well as processes occurring after the divorce. According to the Webster’s Dictionary, divorce is "the legal dissolution of marriage or the termination of an existing relationship or union". This definition makes the word seem formal and does not accurately display the feeling that sweeps over a person when the word is mentioned. Usually, a series of events and behaviours on the part of one or both spouses erodes the negative feelings toward one or the other or both. A better definition of the depth of the word comes from Whitney, holding a child’s point of view, "Divorce is like a thousand knives being thrown at one’s heart or a slow, painful ride through Horror Mountain". Her definition more accurately describes the feelings and emotions that go along with the mention of divorce. Most children would agree with Whitney’s summary of divorce. To them, divorce is much more than a legal dissolution; it is their whole world being torn apart and thrown on the ground in pieces. Therefore, this line of reasoning suggests that there are many negative effects for children in divorced families.

Adult children of divorce, in fact, showed significantly less trust in relationship...
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