The Effects of Crack Cocaine Additction

Topics: Drug addiction, Crack cocaine, Cocaine Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Physical and mental addiction can be a very hard tribulation, and one many people face every day. I feel Jan has and addictive personality, and given the most positive circumstances may find herself as addicted to something less harsh let alone her drug of choice, crack-cocaine.. With that combination and such a harsh drug as crack being as asy to find as it is, leaves no surprise why she would seek that escape.

Crack-Cocaine is one of the most easy to acquire drugs on the streets, and possibly the hardest of these. It is a cheap and dirty form of freebased cocaine. Freebasing is a process in which all the impurities are processed out of the cocaine leaving in essence, a cocaine concentrate. This is normally smoked to produce a temporary feeling of euphoria and escape. Yet another of the many addictive factors of crack-cocaine, except this caters most to I feel is Jan’s problem....escapism.

Crack-Cocaine addiction is a very hard thing to break. It is one of the fewer drugs that after regular use causes the human brain to actually develop a neurological addiction. The way this happens is with prolonged use of crack cocaine is actually robs the human brain of dopamine by stifling it ability t produce it.. There is a possibility sue to this that Jan’s first hit was it it took to send her down the road of escapism and self destruction. A dose or “hit” of crack-cocaine will only produce at best 10-20 minutes of euphoria, leaving any user feel a bit cut short. As Jan has negativity to escape from that twenty minutes even in one city may not be enough.

Once regular use of the crack has started, the addiction starts to override a persons natural instincts for preservation. This would not only explain why Jan continued smoking crack through not one, but both pregnancies. If one natural preservation is of no importance it would make sense maternal obligation is just as effected. With this knowledge she may not have even stopped her habitual crack use at any...
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