The Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

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Are you planning to have a cosmetic procedure? There are many things that a person considering having a procedure should know. Cosmetic surgery has been practiced for many years however, it is dangerous and many people face addiction. Before having a cosmetic procedure it is important to know all the facts.

Cosmetic surgery being so popular, many people are not aware that there are two types of plastic surgery: Cosmetic plastic surgery and Reconstructive plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the improvement of a person’s natural features on a purely aesthetic level with the absence of trauma or physical deformity. The most popular cosmetic surgeries today include the removal of blemishes with a lasers, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (remolding of the nose), blepharoplasty (removing of excess skin from the eye lids), face lifts, and botox.

Reconstructive surgery is the correction of a physical feature which may be disformed or abnormal due to a birth defect, congenital disease, illness, or trauma. Reconstructive surgery involves the restoration or function due to a damaged body part and the rebuilding of normal physical contours when parts of the body such as the nose, ears, or fingers are missing or disfigured.

Although many people think of plastic surgery as a relatively recent innovation, the practice of surgically enhancing or restoring parts of the body has its beginnings more than 4000 years ago. The oldest cosmetic surgery practices may date back to Egypt in the Third Millennium B.C... Where the early accounts described surgical procedures preformed to repair facial trauma and nasal fractures. Advancements continued into the 20th century. As in the Ancient Egypt and India war surgeons was presented the opportunity to prefect their techniques as they repaired the bodies of injured soldiers.

In the 1950’s the technique of tissue expansion was discovered and then later refined by Radoven in the 1970’s. Tissue expansion is a technique that takes advantage of the skin’s elasticity. The result is a gradual stretching of the overlying tissues which may be used to correct areas of deficiency. Tissue expansion is commonly used in breast augmentation after a mastectomy, scalp restoration in patients with alopecia, or the smallness of ears. In the 1960’s there was advancement in Microsurgery which is the transfer of tissue for example free tissue transfer. In the 1970’s and the 1980’s ushered in the use of muscle flaps which is the ability to use tissues from all over the body for surgery.

In the 1970’s women insisted that the personal be political; they defined appearance and beauty as a social issue rather than individual problems. In the 1990’s it was said that 30 percent of patients come from families that earn under the amount of 25,000 and another 35 percent that earn between 25,000 and 50,000 a year. Now surgeries are more expensive, take less time, and the surgery is so advanced surgery is preformed through small incisions with little to no scarring.

Cosmetic surgery is very popular. Today, many movie stars get procedure’s to look young in the spot light. The reason a person would want to get a cosmetic procedure varies from person to person. Some have procedures to gain physical benefits such as better appearance, to become more active, and to be healthier. There is a drive inside humans that makes them want to be beautiful. Plastic surgery affects people on a physical level and psychological level. We all make ourselves more physically beautiful with clothes, hairstyles, and cosmetics; plastic surgery, or changing features of the body to make it more appealing is taking it to the next level. People want attention; they want to be looked at and leave favorable impressions. The human brain is attracted to beauty, and automatically adjusts based on physical beauty. The prettiest people have more friends, and are able to experience more relationships. By getting...

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