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The Effects of Communication on "There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can Crises" Jeanie Rauckman
MGT 438
Marvin Nevels
October 30, 2006

The Effects of Communication on "There's a Syringe in My Pepsi Can Crises" Introduction
In most cases a crises occurs at the most unexpected times. The crisis seems to take the organization by surprise and is usually reached due to a lack of a control and response system. This is apparent in the case study "There's a syringe in my Pepsi can!" Effective communication is the key to successful communication to the Pepsi crises. (Center, 2003) Case Background

In this case the consumer claimed to have found a hypodermic syringe in a can of diet Pepsi. This was quickly followed by many similar reports from around the country. Pepsi immediately produced and distributed information showing that it was impossible for a foreign substance to make its way into the canning process. The president and other top managers made themselves available to the media where they explained the company's safety measures in the canning process. Public fears were dealt with and the crisis was diffused. (Center, 2003) Targeted Public

In this case the most important publics targeted were the consumers, the press and the employees of Pepsi. The public that Pepsi was targeting was both internal and external. The internal public would consist of all Pepsi's employees. It is important that the employees of Pepsi be confident in the product they their employer is trying to sell. If that level of confidence is not established then it would be difficult for an employee to stand behind their company's product. The external public targeted would consist of any individual or organization who drinks or purchases soda and the press. Individuals or organizations that purchase or drink soda need to be targeted in order to keep the business of these individuals. The press needs to be targeted in order for Pepsi to maintain a positive outlook through the media. A...

References: Center, Allen H., Jackson, Patrick. 2003. Public Relations Practices. Managerial Case Studies and Problems, 6e. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Pearson Education Company. Retrieved October 30, 2006 from the University of Phoenix EResource MGT 438
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