The Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect – Lasting Effects

Topics: Abuse, Psychological trauma, Child abuse Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: September 2, 2007
The Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect – Lasting Effects

As a child your mind is completely open and vulnerable with every experience having a lasting impression on you. Children are naturally trusting so when traumatic events occur in a child's life such as rape, neglect or abuse, it's incredibly difficult to recover from effects of abuse latter in life due to the memory and experience subconsciously lodged in a persons psyche.

As a child you learn how to act emotionally and psychically in in different types of relationships. When sexually abused by someone close to you, it's incredibly hard to trust anyone growing up with the perception that many people could and want to cause harm to you. It is not only distressing for the victim of any sort of abuse but it also creates difficulty for people around them. It's impossibly to sway an unstable mind and having to cope with another's past issues is traumatic for both parties.

The issue of a child being neglected stunts the persons emotional growth causing the neglected person to become needy and demanding. It takes an immense degree of counseling for a victim of neglect to come to the terms with certain factors that may have been the cause of neglect and that their patents/care takers/peers etc. did love or care for them but they, for example, did have the time. Most people who have suffered from childhood neglect choose not to accept factors that may have caused the neglect which leads to the individual living out a closed live because people around them find it difficult to be called upon frequently and incessantly, thus creating a vicious cycle of attachment and then neglect and abandonment.

Parental child abuse causes serious mental damage, usually resulting in self harm be it physical or emotional. It is a parent's job to love and care for you unconditionally. This is portrayed through h the media and though social interaction. In many cases, when a parent physically abuses a child the parent...
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