The Effects of Burglary

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The hazards of burglary have significannot
impacts on people and the environment in which they live, and these impacts can be identified easily. Consequently, these hazards can be both prevented and/or managed effectively

·Identify the impacts of this hazard:
·Describe the responses that have been made to prevent and/or manage this hazards ·Discuss the effectiveness of these responses

n. pl. burglaries
The act of entering a building or other premises with the intent to commit theft.


The hazard of burglary can take several forms:
·Removal of goods from property
·Damage to property caused when trying to gain entry.
·Invasion of property
·Psychological damage (fear of crime)

People feel distraught if they are repeatedly burgled- its an invasion of their private life by strangers with no respect for property. It can also be very upsetting, and especially in the case of elderly people, paranoia can set in.

Psychological damage can affect someone so severely that they barricade themselves in their property. People (particularly the elderly) have died in house fires because their homes were so tightly secured that the fire services could not reach them and they could not escape in time. In Kent, may 2000; a case was reported in which 2 elderly people were overcome by fumes when trapped by a fire in their bungalow. The police reported that they had 3 locks on each door and another 3 locks on each internal door.

Burglary also stops people trusting each other, and so community spirit is broken.

If an area is a hotspot for burglaries, it will suffer visually, with broken windows and rubbish outside the houses. These negative images tend to turnoff potential buyers into the area. Existing locals may choose to move away from the area, causing abandoned buildings to add to the feel of poverty in the area. This in turn will have an effect on the local economy. If the amount of money being...
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