The Effects of Bullying on Victims

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suicide Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: November 20, 2013

16 July 2013
The Effects of Bullying on Victims
In today’s society millions of Americans fall victim to being bullied. According to statistics over 3.2 million Americans are victims of bullying each year. Out of the victims in 2013, 77 % of students were bullied mentally, verbally, and physically (American). As a result, victims can suffer from depression, struggle in school, or even commit suicide. Children and adolescents may get bullied for different reasons such as, race, sexual orientation, or being poor. Bullying has long-term effects on the victims which are academic deficiencies, physiological symptoms, and psychological damage.

One important effect of bullying is the risk of the victim suffering academically. As a result of being bullied, children and teenagers often suffer academic issues caused by the emotional distress. They lose concentration and begin to struggle in school which causes them to skip classes and eventual fail them from fear of what is going to happen. Also, they tend to stop sports and extra-curricular activities at school that they once enjoyed, because they do not want to be secluded or tormented. Some victims choose not to further their education. All of these effects could cause the victim to do poorly academically and socially.

Another problem that is caused by bullying is a negative impact on the victim’s health. If individuals are bullied because of their weight, the potential for eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia is increased. The negative health issues of anorexia occur when individuals starve themselves to lose weight. Even after losing weight they still perceive themselves as being overweight which solidifies the validity of the bully. The medical risks linked to anorexia are shrunken bones, irregular heartbeat, and the possibility of developing osteoporosis. As opposed to anorexia, bulimia occurs when the individual eats large amounts of food, then purges. The physical effects from bulimia include...
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