The Effects of Being A College Athlete

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The Effects of Being A Collegiate Athlete2
It is hard to be a college student. You have many responsibilities and it takes up so much time. College is basically a job with the amount of hours you have to put in each day to do your work to the best of your ability! Now just imagine adding a second job to that. This job not only requires mental awareness, but also takes physical strength that not many people can fathom. In this essay I will talk about the positive effects of being a collegiate athlete.

The Effects of Being A Collegiate Athlete3

As a student at a college university, you are required to do certain things, such as showing up to class and to get passing grades. It may sound easy, but is is not easy at all. In fact, being a college student can be very difficult! To add even more work to the plate, some students who are good at playing a sport decide to take it to the next level by becoming collegiate athletes. Speaking as a collegiate cross country runner, this adds hours and hours of more work to your week! Running around 60-70 miles a week can really work the body and mind! Dedicating yourself to a collegiate sport is not for the light-hearted! Of course, we don't put ourselves through the pain for nothing! There are many positive and motivating benefits to taking part in a collegiate sport. I am here to give you some of the many reasons why being a collegiate athlete can be very beneficial in life.

As a collegiate athlete you need to always remember to stay on top of your game. Being an athlete requires not only motivating yourself to get good grades but also to stay in tip-top shape to do well at your sport as well! A good example would be the difference between the work load in high school and college. So many kids come into college and are very overwhelmed because they have so much work. The same thing applies for playing a sport. It is not all fun...
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