The Effects of Alienation and Lonlieness in Live of the Saints

Topics: Abuse, Family, Suffering Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: July 28, 2010
The Effects of Alienation and Loneliness in Lives of the Saints

Loneliness is a state of mind that leaves people depressed and emotionally weak. The members of the Innocente family suffer from alienation through various social groups. In Nino Ricci’s Lives of the Saints, Cristina and grandfather (Cristina’s father) are alienated from the community (grandfather is isolated from the community), and Vitto is alienated from his family. Alienation makes the lives of these characters lonely and depressing.

Throughout the novel the development of Cristina’s character has been effected because of her alienation from the community, making her feel lonely and helpless. The citizens of Valle de Sole despise and neglect Cristina because of her attitude and uniquely strong personality. When Guiseppena says, “Cristina you and I were like sisters, you know I wouldn’t wish you any harm. But other people aren’t so kind, they like to see a person destroyed. You can afford to walk around like a princess. It turns people against you” (Ricci 53). Showing that Guiseppena, Cristina’s childhood friend even realizes that Cristina needs to change her attitude because the community will further neglect her, consequently making her more isolated and lonely. Therefore Cristina can only depend on herself and a few other close friends. Due to Christina’s loneliness she becomes short tempered, rude and her actions have brought shame to her father and his reputation. Her father proves his frustration when he says “was it for my sake you behaved like a common whore? Do you think you’re better than those people? They are my people not you, not someone who could do what you have done. I’ve suffered every day of my life, but I’ve never had to walk this town and hang my head in shame” (Ricci 149). As the mayor of Valle de Sole grandfather had the respect and admiration of the town. Though he loves Cristina very much his frustration is emphasized by calling Cristina, his own daughter, a...
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