The Effects of Acid Rain

Topics: Sedimentary rock, Rock, Igneous rock Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: August 31, 2013
The Effects of Acid Rain

The effects of acid rain is damaging no matter how you look at the picture. Acid rain effects open areas more than forests due to the trees blocking some of the rain from hitting the ground. Acid rain is monitored by using emissions monitors. This helps figure out how much acid is in rainwater. Acid rain is harmful to fish by killing off entire species.

Acid rain is harmful to living creatures, but many do not realize how toxic it can be to non-living objects. “Acid rain leads to deterioration of rocks such as limestone and marble (”. Acid rain will corrode the rock surface which dissolves the material and then they will be carried away. We tested acid on different types of rocks. The hypothesis is that the sedimentary rock will have the largest change in mass. After a certain degree, acid rain is capable of damaging the entire environment. It has been shown that long periods of exposure will strip the waxy coating from trees. Acid rain is formed when sulfur and nitrogen oxide remain in the atmosphere and are absorbed by the raindrops. Acid rain contains carbonic acid, which reacts with chemicals present in rocks. “Rocks are needed to maintain the balance on land, and they are an integral part of the composition of nature on land (”. In 2000, the EPA’s data showed that Ohio’s emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides were four times greater than New York’s level. Properties that might influence the rate of weathering are where a rock is located and the formation of the rocks. Acid rain can be damaging to everything it comes in contact with. Acid rain can also affect forests, but most of the effects are subtle. states, “Acid deposition may influence forest vegetation and soils. Acid rain weakens the trees’ natural defenses, making them more vulnerable to diseases (”. It has been stated that acid rain has caused the decline of...
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