The Effects and Causes of Not Brushing Your Teeth

Topics: Oral hygiene, Dental caries, Toothpaste Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: August 21, 2011
The Effects and Causes of Not Brushing Your Teeth

Does your mom or dad always nag you to brush your teeth before bedtime and after meals? After you read this essay, you will understand how important it is to keep your teeth clean. Brushing your teeth removes all the bacteria, germs, and leftover food that has accumulated over time. Without brushing your teeth, they will be left to rot. If your teeth are left unattended for long periods of time, plaque will eventually start to form on your teeth and on your gum as well. All of these negative effects can be prevented from just brushing your teeth multiple times a day, but there are also many causes that you don’t know about.

One cause of getting unhealthy teeth is that you just don’t brush you teeth or you don’t brush them properly. Sometimes you forget or just to lazy. Whatever the problem is, you need to brush your teeth. Not only that but you need to floss to get the food stuck in between your teeth. These are some of the many causes of getting unhealthy teeth.

An effect of not brushing your teeth is that you can get a lot of diseases too. An example of a disease that you can get can be Gingivitis. Another thing thing that you can get is cavities. If you think those two are bad, could you imagine having bad smelling breath as well. This is usually due to the food that get’s stuck in between your teeth that eventually goes rotten.This is one of the many effects from not brushing your teeth.

Many people don’t know this but every single morning that you wake up, there are millions of germs and bacteria in your mouth. If not gotten rid of, you can get cavities. Cavities is another word for rotten teeth. The place where you usually get cavities is on the top of part of your tooth, which is called the crown, and on gaps between your teeth. This is usually true because these are the two hardest places to reach while you are brushing your teeth. Not only can you get cavities but as you may know already you...
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