The Effects and Causes of Fasd (Fetal Alcohols Spectrum Disorders)

Topics: Pregnancy, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Fetus Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: April 18, 2012
The effects and causes of FASD
Drinking while pregnant is a bad decision. Sometimes the child will result in certain health problems, and at times they will be perfectly healthy. The effects are referred to as FASD (Fetal Alcohols Spectrum Disorders).

FASD can take form as many various effects. Many people are aware of these effects but they do not realize that moderate alcohol exposure to the fetus can be just as harmful to the baby as frequent exposure. Though this might leave some people thinking that some pregnant women do not realize their pregnancy for many weeks after conception, and how might they know when no to drink. Well, the women who are trying to become pregnant or women who think they may be pregnant should not drink at all. This is due to the possibilities of pregnancy. (March) When women first get pregnant only about 40 percent of the women notice the pregnancy right away (CDC).

Studies by the CDC have published that with each live birth in the United States 0.2 – 1.5 out of 1,000 of those births are babies with FASD effects. In a period of 15 years it has been noted that 1 out of 8 women have admitted to drinking during their pregnancy (CDC). This just shows how unaware mothers are of their drinking’s lasting effects on their children and the strain these effects will bring to their families and friends.

There are various symptoms, referring to health, of FASD some of the more major according to the Mayo Clinic are heart defects, slow growth before and after birth, problems with sight and hearing, learning deficiency, small brain size, joint and bone deformities, balance and coordination errors, sleep problems, mental retardation, short attention span, and issues controlling anxiety and impulsive behaviors. Some of the visible effects of FASD are a small head size and facial flattening (MC).

The causes are simply stated, easily understood, but yet people do not always agree with them. To make the situation more easily...
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