The Effectivity of Mabolo Plant as Antibacterial in Tomato Plant

Topics: Fertilizer, Statistical significance, Fish Pages: 8 (2034 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The Potential of Emulsified Organic Janitor Fish Fertilizer (Hypostomus plecostomus) on the Growth of Eggplant (Solanum melongena)

Classification: Life Science

I. Introduction
The Janitor Fish infestation which has plagued Pinagbarilan Baliwag, Bulacan’s irrigation is now threatening to run among on the delicately balanced ecosystem. Janitor Fishes were treated as pest in fish farming. This type of fish contributes to the severe erosion of river banks, a predator to some local fishes and a competitor of food for the local fishes. The fisher folks have been suffering from low catch due to the rapid growth of population of Janitor Fish. They consider these ugly-faced fishes as their enemy and they are calling-out for total eradication of these pests. As a solution, emulsifying fish is conducted. Fish emulsion comes primarily from the processing of a fish called the menhaden, but it can theoretically come from many types of fish. These fishes are cooked and pressed to extracts their oils, and some of the solid by-products are further boiled to create fish emulsion. Fish emulsion is mixed with some chemicals including phosphoric acid to make sure it is suitable for storage and shifting, but chemicals are use in small amounts. Fish emulsion is still certified as organic in origin. Emulsified fish fertilizer is mainly a great soil conditioner and a great bacterial food to help feed the soil micro herd. Liquid fertilizer is an answer for a fast absorption for soil. Emulsified organic janitor fish fertilizer is acidic in nature, therefore, it is an excellent to salt sensitive plants without damaging them. Fish fertilizer is one of the most powerful liquid organic fertilizers that can be fed to plants. Emulsified organic fish fertilizer is acidic in nature , therefore, it is an excellent way to feed to salt sensitive plants without damaging them.

a.) Background of the Study
This study was conducted to help fishermen to alleviate their problem on the nuisance brought about by the infestation of janitor fishes. To do this, the researchers came up with a study on turning this pests into an effective organic fertilizer through the process known as emulsification. The fertilizer was applied to determine its effectivity in terms of growth, height, span of leaves, number of flowers and number of fruits.

b.)Statement of the Problem
The study aims to explore on the potential of emulsified Janitor fish (Hypostomos Plecostomus) fertilizer on the growth of eggplant. The following specific problems will be considered in this study: 1. Is there a significant effect I using the emulsified in using the emulsified organic fish fertilizer on the growth of eggplant plant in terms of:

a. Height?
b. Span of leaves?
c. Number of leaves?
d. Number of leaves?
e. Length of fruits?
2. Is there a significant difference of using emulsified organic janitor fish fertilizer as a replacement for commercial?
c.) Significance of the study
This research paper aimed to find answer in utilizing the janitor fish in a useful and economical way. The researchers came up with a project by utilizing the janitor fishes as an effective plant fertilizer through the method known as emulsification. Emulsified fish fertilizer is mainly a great soil conditioner rich in Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous. Emulsified janitor fish fertilizer is preferred because of its fast absorption property for soil.

d.)Scope and Limitations of the Study
The study aimed only to determine the effectiveness of organic fish fertilizer using janitor fish (Hypostomus plecostomus). The process used emulsification. It was applied to an eggplant planted at Mariano Ponce National High School garden. In determining its effectivity of the growth of eggplant, the height , span of leaves, number of flowers, number of leaves as well as the length of fruits were measured. The significant differences between...
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