The Effectiveness of Picture Stories to Develop Students' Writing Skill

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, English language, Education Pages: 14 (4482 words) Published: January 16, 2013
A. Background of the Study
Language is one of the most important things in communication and it is used as a tool of communication among nations in all over the world. As an international language, English is very important and has many interrelationship with various aspects of life owned by human being. Studying English is not easy for many Indonesian students since it is a foreign language. Foreign language is the language that is being learned not spoken in the local community. Although English is a foreign language, it is very important to be mastered, because is one of important subjects. It is one of the requirements for Indonesin students for graduating from junior and senior high school. Writing is one of aspects in lerning English. Writing is indeed not only transfers information to the readers, but also need complex ways and strategies in transferring. This is done in order not to make misperception and misunderstanding between the readers and writer him/himself. The writer must pay attention in selecting in appropiate language, organizing information, generating ideas, etc. They are crucial aspect since the writer want to be successful in sending message. Writing is usually has some problems in selecting appropiate vocabulary, organizing information, generating ideas, making grammatical sentences and punctuation, spelling, and mechanices in writing. It cause to the student not interest in learning English. It really need creative efforts from the English teachers to conduct the process of teaching-learning. To be more interesting, then the teacher have to create many ways to eplain the subject so that it can be understood by the student. In SMP N 4 Kalasan, the students get the problems in writing skill. There are students who cannot organize information, generate ideas and make grammatical sentences and punctuation, spelling in writing. There are some important things that are effect in writing activity. In organize an information the student must know what the information from the source. The student must know the information permutation to arrange a story. From the information based on the resource, the student will get an idea to make a sentence. The ideas focus on the information. It is different with making grammatical sentences and punctuation. In making grammatical sentences, the student must know how to make the sentences well and appropiate with the correct grammatical. And know the base in making a correct sentence. Many efforts have been done in teaching learning writing for the students, one of them is using pictures as the media. In SMP N 4 Kalasan, teacher use the general method or CTL in teaching writing. Besides, the media that used is not interesting. They use story to teach telling the story in writing activity. Sometimes, the teacher give some sentences or title and the student must enlarge on the story. That all are the mannre the teacher to teach English in writing ability to the student, picture story is very interesting as the media to the student in SMPN 4 Kalasan. The advantages are (1) In this research, the writer uses picture as the media to make learning writing easily, (2) to help the students to develop the idea in writing activity (3) to help the students to arrange the idea based on the sequenced time in the picture stories. Thus they can make interesting stories. Based on the problems identified, the writer conducts an experimental research using picture stories. It is expected that the writer as a teacher will be able to motivate the students to learn the materiala, pay attention to the teacher lesson and make them not to get bored. And that is one of the manners for teacher to teaching English, especially in writing ability. For the reason are in SMP N4 Kalasan, the teacher use monotone method, and that makes the student not interest to learn English. B. Identification of the Problems

Writing is communicative skill dealing with uman being using the language...

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