The Effectiveness of Community-Based Corrections Program

Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 8 (2951 words) Published: February 17, 2013


Correction is believed by many experts to be the most challenging and frustrating component of criminal justice. There are the challenges of managing the inmates daily as well as the frustrations of inevitable mismanagement at attempting to accomplish multiple goals. New challenges present themselves every day. In a very real sense, employees in a correctional system are doing time the same as the inmates are doing time. It's easy to conduct a trial and sentence somebody; what's difficult is what to do with them after they're sentenced. Everything in corrections is done on a large scale because there is an endless stream of prisoners. In the Philippines, the government is facing a severe budgetary crisis that affects the Criminal Justice System most particularly the Corrections Pillar. It is in a bind due to the economic crisis the country is experiencing. And because of this, in order to improve the peace and order situation and so that the economy could get out of this crisis can only mean improving the law enforcement, prosecution of the offenders and the correctional system of the country. If this situation will continue, it would only result to increase in crime rates and more and more perpetrators will be placed in jails and in prisons which will increase its population and cannot be effectively rehabilitated because of lack of funds (Foronda, 2007). Overcrowding in prisons will result if these problems will not be solved or if not be minimized. Over congestion also brutalizes life in penitentiaries and in provincial jails. Herding individuals in cramped spaces is cruel, inhuman, ill, degrading, and unjust punishment. Overcrowding is dangerous to health and to human life. It breeds diseases, breaks down discipline and exacerbates tensions. Having to fight for air and space 24 hours a day make prison, in the words of inmates, a living death. Add dirty tap water, dingy toilets, substandard meals, gang war, lack of prison personnel, favoritism, and having a system built for punishment, not for rehabilitation. This is not the enlightened approach to penology which is reform geared towards a succeeding productive life upon reentry to the community. It is a throwback to the 18th century that treated prisoners as animals unfit to renew themselves and rejoin society. Correction is considered as the weakest pillar because of the fact that it fails to rehabilitate offenders who commit again another crimes while serving their sentence. The above mentioned issues on the correctional institution also exist in Surigao City which made the government find other ways to eradicate and if not be able to minimize these problems and this led to the development of community-based corrections program. Because of the issues concerning the corrections pillar, a notion came to the researchers’ minds as to the efficacy of community-based corrections program in eradicating and if not minimizing the likelihood of an individual in committing crimes as well as the inmates’ reformation. An inmate’s reentry to the community will be a big threat to the maintenance of security and it will greatly affect the peace and order situation because of the probability that he might commit crimes again.

Based on the aforementioned ideas, the researchers are influenced to conduct the study because the idea is that it gives a huge contribution to better quality of life in a sense that this would identify the effectiveness of community-based corrections program in the rehabilitation of the inmates in Surigao City who are under this program and to be able to determine whether or not it fits the correctional goals.

Review of Related Literature
This portion of the study reviews books, electronic sources, and other literature which have direct bearing to the present study. They are classified as to foreign and local sources. Corrections is a term used as a social control mechanism for...
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