The Effect of Temperature on the Xylem of Tomato Plants

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The effect of Temperature on the Xylem of Tomato Plants

Question: How does temperature affect the Xylem in Tomato Plants?

Introduction: Throughout this experiment I will be testing the size of the Xylem in Roma tomato plants when exposed to different temperatures. I will be placing six Roma Tomatoes in six different area which will each be in different temperatures. After three weeks of constantly watering the tomato plants with blue dyed water I will cut the plant from the root and examine the Xylem under a microscope. The purpose of this experiment is to discover what temperature best allows the xylem to become larger and therefore transport more water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves.

Hypothesis: If a Roma Tomato plant is placed in a hotter environment, then it will be affected by the temperature and grow larger.

Control Group: The group of Roma Tomato Plants in the shade and in direct sunlight

Experimental Group: The group of Roma Tomato Plants under a heat lamp, in the refrigerator, in the freezer, and in ice.

Controlled Variables: Planting pots, planting soil, amount of planting soil, water type/amount, blue dye/amount, amount of time

Independent Variable: Temperature plants are placed in

Dependent Variable: Xylem size in Roma Tomato plants

18 Roma Tomato plants
18 planting pots
3 bag of planting soil
25 mL beaker
1000 mL beaker
Blue dye
Heat Lamp

1. Place six pairs of tomato plants in the six different areas. The six different temperature areas were: under a heat lamp, in the shade, in direct sun, in a refrigerator, in a freezer, and in ice.

2. Water the plants everyday with 300mL of water that was dyed blue with 25mL of blue dye.

3. Continue watering for three weeks

4. After three weeks cut a piece of each tomato plant 2 inches from the root and examine the Xylem under the microscope.

5. Then go up...
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