The Effect of Physical Barriers on the Growth of P. Polycephalum

Topics: Black bread mold, Mold, Black Death Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: October 19, 2012
The Effect of Physical Barriers On The Growth Of Polycephalum Nathan LHypothesis: The slime mould will attempt to bypass the barrier to reach the oats. Independent Variable: The path provided by the colored Lego blocks. Dependant Variable: The path in which the Polycephalum

Constants: The size of the dish, the species of slime mold, the light the slime mold received, and the temperature it was kept. ]

1. After two days of growth, did P. Polycephalum connect the oats throught the shortest distance? Yes
a. Can you provide evidence through quantitative data?
The slime mold grew 15.2 centimeters from the start to the end of the path b. Does this mean the Lego blocks acted as an effective barrier for the slime mould? The slime mold did connect the oats, but the slime mold attempted to connect the oats through different paths such as over and under the Lego block.

2. What other observations did you make after two or three days of growth? Provide pictures or quantitative data.

Some of the slime mold attempted and escaped from the petri dish. Black bread mold also grew on the petri dish.

3. Why is it important that P. Polycephalum is able to sense and respond to barriers?

a. How would the behavior of limiting growth to the shortest distance between the oats be the best behavior for survival

Because the polycephalum grows slowly and would die without feeding, finding the fastest way to the food is important for survival

b. In what situations would finding around the barrier be beneficial to survival?

If slime mold is growing in our classroom, and my desk is blocking the oats, the slime mould should be able to take a short distance around my desk and not got over top of it.

4. Find and describe an example in which a human imposed barrier has limited the spread...
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