The Effect of Ph and Temperature for Amylase on Starch

Topics: Enzyme, Chemical reaction, Starch Pages: 4 (1277 words) Published: September 23, 2008
The researcher is conducting this experiment to find the optimum temperature and pH for starch on amylase. The experiment was carried out in one day. The researcher and a partner did the experiment based on a lab manuel from class. Data was collected from the experiment and to be displayed on graphs. Then the optimum pH and temperatures were to be calculated based on the findings. The hypothesis was disproved due to the optimum pH of 5 but the other findings supported the hypothesis of the optimal temperature being 45 degrees Celsius. Materials

In biology lab we conducted an experiment in order to understand the effects of temperature and ph on enzyme activity. For this experiment you will need a spectrophotometer, a timer, starch solution, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, graduated cylinders, thermometers, distilled water, several cuvettes, ice, iodine solution, pipette, notepad, and pen/ pencil for recording data. Methods

The lab manuel provided the basic procedures needed for the experiment. First all materials were gathered. We poured 35ml of starch solution in a beaker and added 35ml of a buffer. This flask was the reaction flask. Then we proceeded to zero the spectrophotometer by using a blank cuvette. The blank cuvette consisted of 5ml of pH and 5 ml of distilled water. Once the spectrophotometer was zeroed 1ml of amylase was added to the reaction flask. This indicated the beginning of the reaction. After every two minutes iodine would be added to stop the reaction, and someone would immediately record the absorbancy from the spectrophotometer. This was repeated in two-minute increments until twenty minutes passed. The data was recorded in a table. The same basic process was used when recording the effects of temperature. But this time the reaction flask consisted of 35ml of distilled water and 35ml of starch solution. The beaker was then placed in a heated compartment of about seventy degrees Celsius. Once the amylase was added the same process...

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