The Effect of Paper as Fertilizer for a Calamansi Plant

Topics: Seed, Plant morphology, Plant Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: June 29, 2013

Agravante, Jaime Carlos
Albarece, Reeno
Carpio, JM
Villa, Rap-Rap

The Effect Of Different Kinds of Paper as Compost on the Height of a Plant

Height of Cirtrafortunella microcarpia (inches) |
Set up | Start of experiment | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | A | 23.5 | 23.8 | 24.3 | 25 | 25.4 | 26 |
B | 23.5 | 24 | 24.7 | 25.5 | 25.9 | 26.3 |
C | 23.5 | 23.5 | 24.2 | 24.9 | 25.4 | 26.2 |
D | 23.5 | 24.2 | 24.5 | 25.3 | 25.7 | 26 |

Plant | Classification | Overall observations: |
A | Control Set-Up | Produced Fruit. Leaves are plain green | B | Mixed with Pad Paper | Has the greenest leaves among all plants. | C | Mixed with Newspaper | Leaves are greener than plant A but less than plant B. | D | Mixed with Manila Paper | Produced fruit. Leaves seem to be dying | Discussion of Results:

Our hypothesis was proven wrong. As you can see from the charts in page 2, the plant with the compost made of pad paper was the plant that grew the most starting from the 1st week. It didn’t produce fruit like plants A and D, but our experiment was only about the plants’ height so we didn’t think a lot about it. So far, in the time our experiment was being done, all the plants with the compost made of paper (plants B, C, D) were higher than the one without compost (plant A). Data was rounded off to only include up to the tenth’s digit.

Height of the plant

We therefore conclude that compost made of pad paper is the most effective one in terms of a plant’s height. Recommendation:
We recommend that if the experiment is to be redone, they should start the experiment with calamansi seeds to be sure that the plants will be growing starting from the same time. Another recommendation is to have more than 1 trial, to see if all data accumulated will match up with one another. Those repeating the experiment should also extend...
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