the effect of media on youth

Topics: Advertising, Multinational corporation, Globalization Pages: 22 (5751 words) Published: April 25, 2014
MCOM 402
International Communication

The Effect of International Advertising on Developing Countries

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Dr Rabaa Abu Botain

Yasmin Mohamed Mostafa ID: 112369
Sayed Hamad ID: 103141
Mahmoud Agmi ID: 084029

Summer 2013

Advertising plays an important role in our life and it affects all of us directly by purchasing products or indirectly by changing the culture or our life styles. Nowadays we are exposed to more than 100 different advertisements per day about different services and products, and these considered products are local and international, this is because any company needs to demonstrate their market share do it by advertising.

We chose this topic because it’s one of the most important topics nowadays and advertising became an important part of our life as it is controlled by many multinational companies, these companies are European and American corporations. So therefore, this paper discusses the meaning of international advertising and how these corporations control the world through advertising. It is also to study how the advertisers and marketers of these corporations have used effectiveness in the message and by using it strongly they are able to convey people not only to purchase their products but to also change their culture. Regarding that people from different countries speak different languages and have different cultures, We Prove in the study how these companies succeeded in using certain advertising techniques internationally between different cultures and societies, moreover, in this paper we want to show the the purpose of international advertising and if it helps in selling products to achieve more profit, or by helping in realizing political influences and transferring indirect messages to the target audiences. So have these corporations in the developed countries really succeeded by using international advertising to control the developing countries? What we have also tried to prove is what kind of factors has helped them to achieve their goals without becoming barriers. However the most debatable question was to what degree were the developing countries affected by the international advertising?

Literature Review


International Advertising is an important process for promoting a commercial message aiming to target different audiences in different countries leading to the success of multinational corporations. The success of the multinational corporations or (the MNC’s) is based on critical or strategic importance due to the effect of international advertising on these corporations.

These multinational corporations put their strategies depending on which market they want to target to be able to convey the audience to change their behaviors or purchase their products. The owners of the largest multinational corporations are from the U.S or European countries which are called core-nations (countries having high technology and huge income) and these countries demonstrate a huge part of the market the all over the world.

The multinational corporations use market research to select the most effective message to convey target audiences as many differences were recognized in the consumer’s responses to the strategies and the marketing efforts according to people of different countries who are affected by their cultures. Sometimes their cultures are consequences making the audience not understanding the advertising message or the advertisers can’t transfer the real image to the local consumers.

The most important thing for multinationals is the market research. In-between the global marketing topics, it is found that international advertising is the most that has reached a wide range of researches amongst the topics covering a countless number of issues. International advertising’s history, which has exceeded 40 years, committed to...
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