The Effect of Legalizing Prostitution on the Economy

Topics: Tax, Unemployment, Money Pages: 4 (1353 words) Published: April 18, 2013
The Effect of Legalizing Prostitution on the Economy

Our Nation has been under immense fire lately. This is mainly because Americas Government is over a trillion dollars in debt. We are in one of the worst recessions that America has ever been and in danger of creating a double dip recession. Jobs are nowhere in sight. People continue to get laid off and even worse people who have been laid off are losing their unemployment benefit. The unemployment rate is through the roof and nobody can find a job to support their families. Because of this banks are failing, houses are being foreclosed on and the American Dream is becoming further and further out of reach of younger generations. So while the government is continuing to go into further debt it is also trying to counter act this. They began taxing little things. Cigarette taxes have been on the rise, gas taxes, property taxes and even tanning. All these little additions do not even begin to scrape the surface of our debt so we need to think of another way to chip away at it. The rich keep getting richer because they are within their own tax bracket, the poor keep getting poorer and the government isn’t making any money out of either side. They are trying to tax pretty much everything possible to get America out of this debt but nothing seems to be working. There have been some ideas about making marijuana legalized so that they could heavily tax that which I believe would be a good idea, because so many people in the United States use it already and if they started selling it and taxed it highly then I believe eventually it would pay off Americas huge debt. Another idea which is in a whole other bracket is legalizing prostitution and placing high taxes on this practice to hopefully chip away at the debt.

A lot of people would argue that legalizing prostitution is immoral and sending a wrong message to the youth of America. Take a look around through. All the violent video games, media, sex in media and use...
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