The Effect of Having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Topics: High school, Interpersonal relationship, Individual Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: January 12, 2013

Feeling is an emotion that us individual has. Some of these types are feeling of anger, depressed, joy, sad, etc. One type is the emotion that a person gives to a person and received from a person which is the feeling of in love. Love is a strong affection and warm attachment to a person or a group of people like families and friends.

In order to know more about this emotion or its effect to a person that had been given and received. Especially, students aging 16 years old up were they can exercise their legal congenial heterosexual companionship where they enter into a relationship. I, myself come out to this research paper/study entitled “The Effects of having a Boyfriend/Girlfriend”.

“In building and maintaining stable, mature relationships, the tasks that students, men and women, girlfriends and boyfriends, face are learning to communicate openly and honestly, accepting differences, respecting and supporting each other’s ambitions and compromising whenever possible”. (The Teens Flipped: Boyfriend/Girlfriend, pp. 6)

For many high school students, having a partner is near the top of their priority list, and some individuals may feel left out or even feel like failures if they’re not dated someone by the end of high school. While in their short term having a boyfriend or girlfriend can make a high school student happy or feel that they fit in, such a relationship can have other consequences for the individual which may not prove a positive.

This study isn’t all about its effects but also to guide students that have already boyfriend/girlfriend to maintain their relationship and also to guide them that they should not have less focus on their academic studies. In succession to this study I gathered information from high school students I know because in this state high school years, there were lot of relationship occurring.


This study would benefit several students that have...
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