The Effect Of Enzyme Concentration On Enzyme Activity

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The Effect Of Enzyme Concentration On Enzyme Activity

The pancreatic duct in individuals who have cystic fibrosis frequently becomes blocked, reducing or preventing the release of pancreatic enzymes into the small intestine. The aim of this activity is to investigate the effect of a reduction in enzyme concentration on the rate of reaction, in this case the breakdown of protein by protease enzymes. Aim – Milk powder contains a white protein called casein. A white suspension of milk powder clears on the addition of the enzyme trypsin. The aim of this experiment is to investigate the effect of enzyme concentration on enzyme activity. We will observe how fast the milk turns transparent by changing the concentration of
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To work safely during practical work, I made sure I followed each of the following rules.

1. Do not bring non-essential materials into the lab. Keep bags and coats outside of the lab as it could get in the way, and cause injury. 2. No food or drink is allowed in the lab at any time. We will be working with some fairly nasty chemicals and some exercises involve bacteria. It can be dangerous if the chemicals r ingested.

3. The eyes are particularly sensitive to chemicals, and provide a good portal of entry for microorganisms; the best way to avoid contact is to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible and to wear safety goggles at all times. Gloves may also have to be worn when handling hazardous chemicals.

4. We will be working with stains in some exercises that will not wash out of cloth, and so lab coats are needed.

5. Keep long hair tied back and ties tucked in, as we will have open flames in some exercises.

6. Dispose of waste material properly. There are specific,
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I.e. the higher the concentration the faster the reaction and then the lower the concentration the slower the reactions are. In this case I can say that my hypothesis was right as I predicted that this would happen.

When looking at any of the results in biology we have to see that they are reliable and accurate. Reliability is when we take a look at the possible errors of the experimenter and see if he stopped the stop watch in time. Also we have to look at the accuracy e.g. if the glassware has got a big percentage error. If so how we need to reduce them. Also in the stopwatch as it can only go to seconds perhaps it would be better if we used milli seconds. I believe that the reliability of the results is low in this case when we look at all the possible errors. We could only take the person who did the

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