The Effect of Electrolysis on the Height Increase Rate of the Palay Plant

Topics: Hydrogen, Water, Electric charge Pages: 18 (4871 words) Published: January 4, 2013
The Effect of Electrolysis
On the Height Increase Rate
Of the Palay Plant

A Scientific Investigatory Project
Presented to the Faculty of the
University of St. La Salle
Integrated School
Bacolod City
In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements of the Subject
Science 10 Chemistry
Ablan, Victor Emmanuel P.
De la Peña, Percival A
Penado, Keith Nealson M.
Puey, Patrick Anthony A.
Villamor, Rex John Theodore Y.


In this study, the researchers were guided and aided by certain personalities. This study wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the following people:
The researchers would like to thank Miss Michelle Baldevarona without whom we wouldn’t have been supplied with information on how to make this project. The researchers would also very much thank her for the guidance she gave them.

The researchers would also like to thank the panelists for giving their time to analyze and comment on the project.
The researchers would like to thank their parents. If it wasn’t for their financial and moral support, the study might have not been undertaken. The researchers would especially extend their gratitude to the Puey family for allowing their home to be the setting of this project.

Lastly, to the most important person in our project, the researchers would like to humbly thank the Lord without whom we could never have gotten the wisdom and guidance to finish this project.


The researchers’ study involves exposing six rice plants to six volts of electricity. The goal of the study is to observe the effect of the electricity on the height of the rice plants compared to those that are not exposed to electricity. The researchers measured the initial height of the rice plants. The rice shoots were then placed and grown in six respective buckets. Three of the six buckets were exposed to electricity by using four D batteries and iron rods. The researcher will then record the growth of the rice plants daily. The results will be compared after a week. The results of the researchers showed that the buckets with plants exposed to electricity grew slightly faster than the plants that weren’t exposed to electricity.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgement -------------------------------------------- i Abstract --------------------------------------------------- ii Chapter 1: Introduction ------------------------------------ 1
Background of the Study ------------------------------- 1
Statement of the Problem ------------------------------ 2
Hypothesis -------------------------------------------- 2
Significance of the Study ----------------------------- 3
Scope and Limitations --------------------------------- 4
Definition of Terms ----------------------------------- 5
Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature -------------------- 8
Foreign Literature ------------------------------------ 8
Local Literature -------------------------------------- 14
Chapter 3: Methodology ------------------------------------- 17
Research Design --------------------------------------- 17
Materials --------------------------------------------- 17

Procedures -------------------------------------------- 18
Pre-experimental Process ------------------------- 18
Experiment Proper -------------------------------- 18
Post-Experimental Procedures --------------------- 19
Chapter 4: Results and Discussions ------------------------- 20 Chapter 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations -------- 25
Summary ----------------------------------------------- 25
Conclusions ------------------------------------------- 26
Recommendations --------------------------------------- 27
Bibliography ----------------------------------------------- 28 Appendices ------------------------------------------------- 29

List of Tables Used

Table 4.1 First Trial of the Effect of Electrolysis --------- 21

Table 4.2 Second Trial of the Effect of...
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