The Effect of Cow Dung Foliar Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield Performance of Pechay (Brassica Rapa L.)

Topics: Leaf, Fern, Feces Pages: 11 (3066 words) Published: March 16, 2011
OF PECHAY (Brassica Rapa L.)

A Research Project for the Students of
Applied Research III

Evan Marri Jam LLAMES Antonio
Precious Mae PASCASIO Bautista
Razver Ace VERIDIANO Razon

Ms. Liberata Capilos
School Year 2010-2011

A. Significance of the Study

Pechay (Brassica rapa L. cv group Pak Choi) is an erect, biennial herb, cultivated as an annual about 15-30 cm tall in vegetative stage. Ovate leaves are arranged spirally and spreading. The petioles are enlarged and grow upright forming a subcylindrical bundle. Inflorescence is a raceme with pale yellow flowers. Seeds are 1 mm in diameter and are reddish to blackish brown in color.

Pechay, pitsay or petsay, no matter how you spell it, is one of the most popular vegetables in the Philippines. In the United States, this vegetable is popularly known as bok choi. It is more and more readily available in regular supermarkets such as your friendly neighborhood Dominick's, Jewel or Country Market. In the Philippines, there seemed to have been a pechay revolution in Metro Manila a decade ago when every available land was cultivated with pechay. So like, vacant lots in front of the SSS building on East Ave., in Quezon City, used to be a pechay plantation galore. Now it's government offices and barong barongs and pechay plots of course. Usually used as an ingredient for stews and pancit. While it is not that tasty (the white stalks tastes like paper I think), some varieties add a little bit of pungent flavor to the dishes it is added to. The only dish that I like with pechay is clear beef stew with pieces of beef, maybe some potatoes, ginger and whole peppercorns and of cource, pechay. And a generous serving of patis on the side. I have a shallow treshold for such things.

Pechay (Pak Choi) is a cabbage. It is one of the most known vegetables in the Philippines. It is also known as one of the oldest green vegetables in Asia. The Pechay differs in many aspects from other (for instance European) cabbages. The leaves of the Pechay vary in length from 10 to 30 cm. The leaves are green and mild flavoured and less crisp than other cabbages. It is often used in stews and soups. It isn't tasty by itself, so it needs some salt and other flavour to be added. Meals with Pechay are often completed with other vegetables and fish or meat. This study will explore the effectiveness of a cow dung foliar fertilizer on the growth and yield development of pechay. B. Objectives of the Study

To determine the effect of cow dung foliar fertilizer on the growth and yield development of pechay.

To evaluate the effectiveness of cow dung foliar fertilizer as the component for the growing medium for pechay in terms of the following parameters:

a. Plant height
b. Number of leaves produced
c. Weight of plant

C. Significance of the Study
The authors believe that this study will contribute a lot to the following persons: 1. To their families, as a source of food, and if ever they want as a business. 2. To the farmers, especially to those who are engaged in planting pechay, as an additional information on how to use cow dung foliar as fertilizer. 3. To future researchers, who are concerned to the related study, as this will be useful for their research. 4. To the authors themselves, for the information about planting pechay and the idea of having it as a business. D. Hypothesis

Different concentrations of cow dung foliar fertilizer have no significant effect on pechay.

E. Assumption
It is assumed that the different concentrations of cow dung foliar fertilizer will not affect the growth and yield performance of pechay throughout the conduct of this study. F. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

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