The Effect of Cold Water on Goldfishes

Topics: Shark, Fish, Goldfish Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Effect of Cold Water on Goldfishes
Research has shown there is a higher respiration rate in goldfishes when placed in cold water. There are many different varieties of fishes that can adjust to different atmospheres but the most common household fish that can is the goldfish. The goldfishes identified as the Carassius auratus was one of original fishes to be domesticated by China a thousand years ago in addition there are more than 100 goldfishes but only 20 are sold today. Common goldfishes come in a range of colors as well as yellow, black, orange, white, and red. For the duration of winter, goldfish become inactive, halt eating, and frequently stay on the bottom of the pond which is about 80 centimeters deep to avoid freezing. Goldfishes are very intellectual and have social abilities which placed them to be American most preferred household pet.(White & Campo, 2011) Gills are the organs that the goldfishes and other marine animals use to breathe that contain filters that extract oxygen from the water. Furthermost fish require four pairs of gills that are encircled in a gill chamber positioned on both sides of their heads. Every single gill consists of two rows of thread attached to a gill arch. However, the modification for the care of goldfishes throughout the years has changed and partakes in countless mistakes made. This study was the basis for an experiment in which the effects of cold water were tested on common goldfishes. The objective of this experimentation was to determine the effects of cold water on goldfishes. The testing of this experiment was to determine what environment, warm or cold would raise or lower the respiration rate of a goldfish which would lead to longer survival. Goldfishes are always mistreated on the certainty that they can live in any condition but no they are called cold water fishes, the best temperature is 50 to 68 F. When below 50 F a goldfish will not be able to digest there food however when the water...

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