The Effect of Caffeine on Typing Speed, Accuracy and Heart Beat

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The effect of caffeine on typing speed, accuracy and heart beat

1. Introduction

Caffeine is a substance found in coffee, tea and most sodas. When it is consumed, it is a mild stimulant. The energy drink, Monster, contains caffeine, which has the ability to manipulate adenosine (adrenaline), a substance present in the brain that is used to transmit brain signals to different parts of the body. Adenosine causes an increase in alertness and awareness. Modern studies show that there is direct benefits of the so-called “caffeine kick” that is experienced by drinkers.

The behaviour of caffeine acts as a stimulant which increase brain memory. Caffeine belongs to the xanthine chemical group that has an influence on the central nervous system. Adenosine is viewed as a xanthine and is found throughout the brain where it acts as a transmitter of brain signals.

2. Problem Statement

Energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull and Play are popular energy drinks used by high school learners and university students to help them to stay awake.

People report that caffeine gives them a "lift”, makes them feel less drowsy, less fatigued and more capable of rapid and sustained intellectual effort. They also report improved performance of some manual tasks such as driving. Studies also indicate that caffeine can diminish performance of manual tasks that involve delicate muscular coordination and accurate timing.

Numerous studies have been conducted to examine how caffeine affects your reflexes and reaction time. Several studies have confirmed that your reaction time generally improve with moderate amounts of caffeine.

Researchers also found that students given the lowest dose of caffeine used in a study — equivalent to half a can of Red Bull – had the best responses to a reaction-time test, which required them to respond to targets on a computer screen. It was also found that those who drank more caffeine had slower reaction times. Participants were also asked how stimulated and mentally fatigued they felt after the drinks. The students who were given the one can of Red Bull reported feeling more stimulated and less tired than participants given less caffeine, though they did not perform as well on the test.

One study showed that the amount of caffeine in a single cup of coffee decreased the reaction time in study participants and increased their ability to ignore distractions.

Research Question: Does caffeine have an effect on typing speed, accuracy and heart rate?

3. Aim of the study

The aim of this study is to determine the following:
• The effect of caffeine on typing speed
• The effect of caffeine on typing and accuracy.
• The effect of caffeine on the heart rate of people.


Hypothesis 1:Caffeine is a stimulant and will result in an increase in the typing speed of the participants.

Hypothesis 2:Caffeine is a stimulant and will result in a decrease in typing accuracy.

Hypothesis 3:The heart rate of the people will increase with the intake of caffeine.

5.Background Information

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and can produce a variety of effects elsewhere in the body. Drinking caffeine can increase your reaction time and reflexes, as caffeine results in the production and release of more adrenaline. Adrenaline is proven to affect and improve reaction time. Although caffeine is not directly responsible for an increase in reaction time, it does trigger the release of adrenaline. Caffeine's chemical structure resembles the chemical structure of adrenaline (a type of hormone that increases the heart rate).

Figure 1: Illustration of Caffeine and Adenosine

Caffeine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine, where it takes about 15-45 minutes to reach peak levels. The level of caffeine in the blood, reaching the brain determines the potency of its effects on the body....
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