The Effect Harry Potter Has on Society

Topics: Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Children's literature Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The Harry Potter Franchise has influenced young people from all over the world. Whether someone is watching the movies or reading the books the effect on society is unquestionable. Harry Potter’s popularity is massive, because his appeal cuts across demographic and religious lines. The vast majority of teens regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith, or other characteristics have been personally exposed to the story. For instance, even a large majority of teenagers from groups that have objected most stridently to the stories of wizards and witchcraft have indulged in this fantasy world. Even though the Harry Potter franchise is so well known and supported there are many adults and critics that say Harry Potter is a bad influence on our younger generation while others support the opposite saying that the Harry Potter franchise upkeep good morals and great ethics. Another argument that could be made is that both ideas could be good to the vulnerable mind. Having a mixture of both noble and corrupt deeds might be good for an innocent person. For being good one need to know what is evil that way one can prevent oneself from committing evil deeds.

First of all, many religious groups such as the Christians believe that Harry Potter encourages the practice of magic. While a few Christians do not even like to read or see classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Lord of the Rings, or Chronicles of Narnia due to the mere presence of evil. The Harry Potter franchise is viewed in the same category. Whether it is white or dark magic Christians believe that the influence on the younger generation is unacceptable. White magic in the Harry Potter series is portrayed as good magic while dark magic is portrayed as evil. Both are constantly used in the series by main characters but Harry Potter and his friends use white magic which is made to look innocent and therefor children think that is okay, because it is used by the good guys. Christians on the other hand believe that all types of...
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