The Edward Scissorhands& the Cabinet of Dr Caligari

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the Edward Scissorhands& The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

The pale face, messy dark hair, According to the inspiration from the somnambulist Cesare in the Cabinet of Dr Caligari, in 1990, Edward was created in the Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton. There are a lots of horror element in both of films. However, they are shows us different types of movie. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari is a horror, but the Edward Scissorhands is a drama and romance movie. In the both of films, mise en scene and cinematograph is very helpful to building situation and character. In this essay, I will focus on 3 points to discuss these two essays. Firstly, I will explain the similarities and differences between both films on mise en scene. Secondly, I will contrast the cinematography of these two films, talk about their resemblance and difference. At the last, I will discuss how it has affected the mise en scene and cinematography if the Auteur theory applies to either of the film directors.

The Edward Scissorhands is films that talk about a robot named Edward. He was be created by an inventor who lives in an old castle, this inventor teach Edward many things, like poetry and etiquette. However, when this inventor wants to give Edward a hand, he sudden died following a short illness. After that, Edward lives alone in this castle with his Scissorhands until a woman who is cosmetics Salesman, Peg, brings him to her home, pure and kind Edward love with Peg’s daughter, Kim. However, it causing an uproar in peace community, he were hustled off by people, at last, he go back again live in castle alone forever. In the Edward Scissorhands, the film’s scene is very simple, looks like peace community with large colour lump colour, but it is a striking contrast with Edward’s castle, the Edward’s castle is far away from community, the way to the castle is rugged and dark, and it appearance is eerie, gloomy, however, we could see when Peg enters, many lovely tree statues be made by Edward in the...
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