The Education System of the 21st Century

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The Education System of the 21st Century

“Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~Malcolm X

While watching television recently, I came across a commercial for an older episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. This particular show was to address a documentary entitled, “Waiting for Superman.” I sat and watched the 45 second commercial and became so engrossed I wished I could have called my mother. Coming from a family of Native and African American heritage, education has always been a priority growing up. My grandmother instilled in her children the ideals and principles of not only obtaining a great education but also to taking pride and valuing their education. When the time came, she would teach her grandchildren those same ideals and principles and constantly remind us that furthering our education beyond high school was not an option but a requirement. It was imperative we continue educating ourselves in order to compete with our classmates as well as our peers throughout the world. Before her passing, my mother had always been an educator in some form or other since before I was born. I can recall many instances when I accompanied her to teach Adult Literacy or tutor children at the local library. I thought it was so cool for her to be able to teach adults and children how to read and at the same time instill in them the value of education. I remembered a conversation she and I had where we discussed the education system in America versus the system in other countries. At the time she was a college instructor and had taught in the public school system for over seven years, which convinced me she would have a lot to say. The thing that most surprised me was when she said, “This system is not preparing our children to compete with children of the world.” I thought, “WOW! She’s an educator and she has issues with public education.”

Now let’s fast forward to the first episode in a...
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